Engine Management System AEM Fuel&Ignition 6 cylinders MAG

Kód: RZAM-30-1911 RZAM-30-1910 Zvoľte variant
Značka: AEM
€521,86 €544,55 od €521,86
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Darček zdarma
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Cez 3000 výdajných miest
Cez 3000 výdajných miest
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Autoservis, lakovňa a tuning
Autoservis, lakovňa a tuning
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Podrobný popis

AEM's F/IC-6 allows racers to retard ignition and deliver accurate amounts of fuel to aftermarket forced induction race engines with up to 6 cylinders without the need for outdated FMUs or "boost hiding" controllers. This system works parallel to the factory ECU on OBD-II-equipped race vehicles with non-factory forced induction systems with or without variable cam timing and prevents tuning limitations due to complex factory timing patterns.

  • F/IC-6 works with aftermarket forced induction racecars up to 6 cylinders
  • Ideal for non-factory forced induction vehicles with variable cam timing (VTEC, VVTi, MiVEC, etc)
  • Will not affect climate controls, dash or other components on CAN-bus network
  • USB powered for calibration changes when removed from vehicle
  • 64kb internal data logging
Injector Channels 6
Advanced Injector Load Simulation & Filtering NO
Timing Channels (Cam + Crank) 3
High/Low Voltage Selectable MAG-Driver Outputs NO
MAP Sensor (Onboard) YES
MAP (0-5v Intercept) YES
Frequency Based Flow Meter Support NO
Speedometer Recalibrator NO
O2 Sensor Remapping YES
External AFR Input YES
Generic 0-5v Remappers 2
Boost Controller (Requires AEM 30-2400 Solenoid) NO
IAT Logging Input NO
PC Datalogging YES
Internal Logging Memory 64 Kb
VTEC Output/Control/+12V Switched Output YES
MAG or HALL Sensor 30-1910
MAG Pickup Sensor. 80's-90's Disributed Honda 30-1911
MAG or HALL with Circuit Driver for Injector Load on Chrysler Vehicles 30-1913

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