Engine Management System AEM Series 2 Plug&Play Nissan RB20, RB25, RB26

Kód: RZAM-30-6620
Značka: AEM
€2 529,86
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AEM was the first company to offer complete engine control using a race vehicle's factory wiring harness and sensors. Our Series 2 Plug & Play EMS is a culmination of this original program. It combines robust construction with our proven AEMtuner Software to deliver total engine control.

AEM's Series 2 Plug & Play EMS plugs directly into a vehicle's factory ECU harness and requires no additional wiring or hardware. Windows™ compatible software (XP, Vista, 7) simplifies copying, viewing and data manipulation. AEMtuner software is infinitely adjustable. It allows tuners to program virtually any combination of engine control, power adders and auxiliary devices, and accurately deliver proper amounts of fuel and correct ignition timing, for any boost level or operating condition.


  • Plugs directly into the factory harness. No rewiring necessary
  • Uses all the factory sensors
  • Includes start up calibrations
  • System is fully enabled and unlocked - Never pay for upgrades!
  • Context sensitive help eases tuning process
  • Maps can be password protected by the tuner to prevent unauthorized usage or sharing
  • Runs on Windows-compatible software
  • Tune using new USB communication port or serial port
  • Works with all AEM gauges


  • Up to 12 peak and hold injector drivers
  • Up to 8 direct-fire coil outputs
  • Up to 16 general-purpose outputs
  • Up to 8 definable switch inputs
  • Up to 4 EGT inputs with fuel trim
  • 1MB of internal data logging


  • 1989-1998 Nissan Skyline RB26DETT
  • 1993-1998 Nissan Skyline RB25DETT 
  • 1989-1994 Nissan Skyline RB20DET 
  • 1990-1995 Nissan 300ZX VG30DE, VG30DETT 
  • 1992-1994 Nissan Maxima VE30DE 
  • 1994-1996 Nissan Silvia SR20DET (Except Europe) 
  • 1988-1990 Nissan Silvia S13 CA18DET 
  • 1988-1990 Nissan 180SX CA18DET

Dodatočné parametre

Kategória: Elektronika motora
Marka wyszu: Nissan
Silnik wyszu: 1.8 (CA18)

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