Intake valve NISSAN 240/ KA24DE 2.4L DOHC/240 SX/Altima 91-99

Kód: RZST-NIVN-1010
Značka: Supertech

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Darček zdarma
Darček zdarma
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Cez 3000 výdajných miest
Cez 3000 výdajných miest
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Autoservis, lakovňa a tuning
Autoservis, lakovňa a tuning
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Dlhoročné skúsenosti
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Podrobný popis

The production of our race valves begins with a one-piece forging where the valve head is forged in a slow two-step process to maintain a good material flow.

Then it is machined on the CNC in several stages to ensure the precision of the final dimensions.

Then, we perform another thermal treatment for relaxation, followed by nitride curing (or coating process depending on the application).

Finally, we perform one more grinding followed by a patented surface finish to ensure that each valve is free of imperfections and the dimensions are precise.

With each valve design, we strive to maximize durability due to the higher resistance to fatigue and tensile strength.

Each valve tip is hardened above 52 HRc.

It is unlikely that you will find valves from our competitors with stricter dimensional tolerances than our Supertech valves.

Combine it with ready valve seats with equally strict tolerances and you will not find better sealing, better performance and easier to install solutions anywhere!

When our Superfinish coating is combined with our black nitrogen, it reduces the surface roughness to 1/3 of our chromed valve.

The end result ... unmatched performance and durability./p>

Fits: NISSAN 240/ KA24DE 2.4L DOHC/240 SX/Altima 91-99


Head diameter: 37.10mm (+.5)

Stem diameter: 6.97 mm

Length: 101.32 mm

Dodatočné parametre

Kategória: Sanie
Szerokość towaru w centymetrach: 5
Marka wyszu: Nissan
Silnik wyszu: KA24
Wysokość towaru w centymetrach: 5
Długość towaru w centymetrach: 12
Waga gabarytowa w gramach: 50

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