Racing Durability Rear Diffuser BMW M135i F20

Kód: RZMD-12123
Značka: Maxton Design
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Racing Durability Rear Diffuser BMW M135i F20


BMW M135i F20 2011 - 2015


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The automotive enthusiasts frequently choose the optical tuning elements by the Polish producer Maxton Design. The company creates high-grade splitters, side skirts, spoilers, bumpers, and diffusers that can be installed in a large variety of cars. Such components added to any vehicle will make it more eye-catching by giving it a racing style, but they will also improve its aerodynamics by increasing traction and stability during high-speed driving. In the production processes at Maxton Design we only ever utilize the best materials certified with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN which are supplied by known and respectable providers. In the Maxton Design assortment you will find this rear diffuser from the Street Pro collection which is dedicated to BMW M135I F20. The product is not only secured against UV radiation, but it also stands out with an innovative design.

Why is the BMW M135I F20 Street Pro rear diffuser worth picking?
- it freshens this models presentation
- it’s certified with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN
it has heightened moisture resistance
- it’s secured against UV radiation
it’s defined by neat milled edges
- it comes in a number of surface finishes
- it requires no painting before installation
it’s wrapped in a protective foil

This rear diffuser from the Street Pro collection is made of durable and flexible 10mm-thick ABS which is characterized by substantial resistance to scratching, impacts, as well as, corrosion. ABS is eagerly employed in the automotive industry where it comes in handy in the manufacturing of optical tuning elements, and standard car equipment, too. The Street Pro rear diffuser is covered with a special coating that repels UV rays, and it is also defined by higher resilience to atmospheric conditions such as extremely low or high temperatures. This tuning part does not have to be painted prior to its installation.

The BMW M135I F20 Street Pro rear diffuser has an interesting design that will become an imaginative decoration for your machine. The item will accentuate the silhouette of this model and underline its visual qualities which will make it stand out on the road even more. This Maxton Design rear diffuser will go quite nicely with other tuning elements, and they will create a modern and aesthetic whole. It is possible to purchase the diffuser in different surface looks: black matte, black matter with red core, and red matte.




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