Side Skirts Diffusers Audi S7 / A7 S-Line C7

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Značka: Maxton Design
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Side Skirts Diffusers Audi S7 / A7 S-Line C7   


Audi S7 C7 2012-2014

Audi A7 S-Line C7 2010-2014






If you would like to outfit your vehicle with out-of-the-box optical tuning elements, you could assuredly use a set of modernized side skirts diffusers. In the Maxton Design line of goods, among other things, you will find sprauncy side skirts diffusers for installation in Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7. This Polish producer specializes in the manufacturing of not only side skirts diffusers, but also spoilers, splitters, and bumpers. The company has functioned on the market for several years and is among the world’s leaders of reversible optical tuning component production. Installation of unique side skirts diffusers is a great idea if you want to quickly and effortlessly spice the racing character of your Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7 up.

Why should you decide to purchase the Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7 side skirts diffusers?
- they show an inventive design
- they’re
accessible in 3 types of surface structure
they lower the bodywork optically
- they constitute a striking addition to front and rear side splitters

To make your Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7 even more visually attractive you should consider buying these splashy side skirts diffusers. They make the coachwork look lower which significantly contributes to its racing character and make for an interesting addition to your tuning. Thanks to the fact that the diffusers come in 3 varied forms of surface structure: carbon, gloss, or textured, you get to pick the one that underlines the style of your Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7 perfectly.

In the production of the Audi S7/A7 S-Line C7 ABS plastic was employed. It is a material with a broad application in the automotive industry. From this material not only reversible tuning parts get made, but basic vehicle equipment, too. Maxton Design is a brand focused on quality, and so the ABS that we utilize is sourced only from known and renown European suppliers. The imaginative designs and high-grade materials make our products one of the best available on the market.




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