Street Pro Rear Diffuser Ford Mustang GT Mk6 Facelift

Kód: RZMD-12831
Značka: Maxton Design
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Street Pro Rear Diffuser Ford Mustang GT Mk6 Facelift


Ford Mustang GT Mk6 Facelift 2017 - 


 width=Racing Durability Central Rear Diffuser
 width=Mounting kit


Racing Durability elements are characterized by:

Better material sturdiness, 10mm ABS plastic plate
Enhanced resistance to scratches and impacts
Insusceptibility to corrosion, no metal elements
Eye-catching design, neat milled finish
UV-securing coating
Resilience to harsh weather and extreme temperatures
Protective film of each element
A selection of finishes to pick from:
10mm-thick matte black, 10mm-thick matte black with red core
Quality-confirming labelling
No need for a paint job
(If you decide to paint your product you have to lay a primer layer before applying the paint job)

The material that our components are manufactured out of – ABS – was made chiefly for the usage in the automotive industry. It is widely employed in the production of factory bumpers and all kinds of car bodywork elements. These parts are characterized by substantial durability and elasticity which is obviously a requirement for and high-quality automotive products. The confirmation of the flair of our tuning is the TUV certification that the material has been rewarded with, and the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN for a selection of items produced from ABS.

The creation of parts out of ABS is a multifaceted undertaking of a high degree of complexity. The last step of it is manual processing, and adding finishing details. This attention and precision stands as a proof that we always try to make our products the highest quality they can be. What’s more, to prevent any suboptimal or defective tuning from distribution each and every product is always subjected to a thorough flair check right before shipping.




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Kategória: Spojlery
Powierzchnia Splittera Racing Durability: Black

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